Canon's Digital Photo Pro v. 3.11 Explained

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Re: Canon's Digital Photo Pro v. 3.11 Explained

Y0GI wrote:

Dinsy wrote:

Thanks! I've updated to v3.12.40.0, and have been using the HDR tool quite a bit, mostly for one-shot adjustments, but I've had one go with the compositing tool and came up with a travesty! So I'll have a read.

I've had some pretty good results with the HDR Tool working on a single raw image. Also tried making 3 .JPGs from one RAW and using the HDR Tool on the resulting .JPGs but that wasn't as good as the single RAW HDR.

My first attempt with Compositing was terrible! This is a MUCH more complicated tool to work with, and I wish that the tutorial had more info.

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Yes, I like using the HDR tool on a single RAW image. I especially like using it if there's metal in the image. Here's a couple of examples, if you're interested:

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