365 + 1 Days of NEX-7 - PART IV

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Re: 322/365(+1) Days of NEX-7

Happy new year Luca, all the best to you and your projects from a long-time follower

Again one of your shots blew me away, this time it's that cosmic snack bar (322). I'm hard pressed not to get there myself to get an own impression, it's not too far away from where I live these days.

Keep them coming Luca, by all means !

@ Trudy: I had the NEX-7 for a while but sold it, mainly because of Sonys lens strategy and the lack of an adequate, high-quality zoom lens. During the last few weeks I was torn between the OM-D (fast AF), the NEX-7 and the XE-1. In the meantime I had a chance to shoot my brothers XE-1 for three days, but no matter how good it is, in low light the AF sucks big time ! and I'd sorely miss a flip screen, focus peaking AND proper RAW support. Now with a new 16-80mm Zeiss zoom for the NEXes on the horizon I'm in the market for my second NEX-7 and can't wait to shoot away. Good luck with your decision.

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