Decent film camera?

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Re: Olympus mju/Stylus

rrr_hhh wrote:

Film = pain, I will secon that ! Plus it is expensive, very expensive. It used to be back in the film times and you had to think twice before taking a picturYou it cost in film and then cost in processing. Those prices now are higher because this has got rarer than digital. So be warned : you may get a cheap body and lenses, but you will have to pay quite a lot for processing : whether you give it out, or whether you buy a scanner (you can't just use the usual scanner for film) and developping tanks for the emulsion.

I actually find film to be anything but a pain. Since rediscovering film, I am enjoying using film cameras and it has rekindled my interest in photography. I still use digital, but actually prefer using film.

I develop my own film and scan the negatives. It's not cheap, but neither is keeping up with latest and greatest in the digital world.

I like developing film, I like the look of film and the limitations suit my style of photography and I like the way it slows you down to actually think before you click. Having virtually unlimited exposures with digital can be both a blessing and a curse.

My main problem is stopping my GAS (Gear acquisition Syndrome). You can get so many used bargains it's hard to keep away from ebay!

I can certainly see why film isn't for most people though and wouldn't recommend it unless you know what you're getting into. If you like the process, it can be far more fulfilling than digital. If you don't it can be a huge pain.

I love film. And I'm a tech geek.

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