Decent film camera?

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Re: Decent film camera?

Olympus OM-2 would be ideal. It uses easy to get batteries unlike some older cameras which originally used the now impossible to get mercury cells.

The OM-2 has a good aperture priority metering system, is built to last a few lifetimes and is easy to get serviced if you become serious about film. It was a very expensive, fabulously engineered camera in it's day and mine still works like a swiss watch.

You can pick up an OM-2 with Olympus Zuiko 50mm f1.8 for well under your budget, leaving you more money for some Ilford HP5+ or Tri-X. The Zuiko is a great lens, and a true bargain that will work great with m43 cameras with an adaptor for a nice 100mm equiv. fast portrait lens.

And thanks to the EM-5, the OM-2 still looks up to date and modern.

The one issue you may come up against if you buy one is the light seals will almost certainly require replacing. You can get kits to do this yourself (google 'interslice' or 'John Goodman') and it's dead easy once you get started.

You will find that just about any DSLR feels fiddly and over-complicated after using an OM-2 though!

A true classic and capable of fantastic results.

Beware though, re-discovering film can be very addictive.

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