Decent film camera?

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Re: Decent film camera?

Given the quality and flexibility and low running costs of digital and the scarcity of film these days, it seems to me that what used to be premium film cameras, but that are not yet collectible, are now scandalously cheap. So you may as well buy something really good. Also, as others have said, few film cameras can be cost-effectively repaired these days, and batteries for some of the older ones are difficult if not possible to obtain.

Against this background I would go for a semi-pro, all-mechanical manual focus SLR from the 1990s or 2000s. IMO the very best of these was the Nikon FM-2n. Going for the 2n rather than the 2 or the original FM means a more recent copy, while the FM series (fully manual) has a mechanical shutter rather than the FE series' electronic one, so one less thing to go wrong. The metal-bodied AI-S lenses from the same era are similarly over-engineered.

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