Vertical Sweep Panorama on RX-100 greatly reduced sweeping angle compared to horizontal mode?

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Vertical Sweep Panorama on RX-100 greatly reduced sweeping angle compared to horizontal mode?

Hello everyone,

I got my RX-100 today and as happy as I am so far, I am pretty disappointed about the changes to the sweep panorama mode compared to, for example, my old DSC-WX5.

So disappointed in fact that I searched the web for solutions and ended up here and signed up!

I believe no one has discussed this specific problem yet so I have decided to make a new topic.

So the problem I have with the RX-100:

When I do a sweep panorama, I usually prefer setting the camera to the vertical sweep panorama setting at its wide setting, holding the camera vertically and sweeping from left to right to create a horizontal panorama.


That way, you get a near 180 degrees view horizontally and also a much wider viewing angle vertically than using the horizontal mode which is essential for many situations where the subjects are rather nearby. It used to be perfect on my DSC-WX5.

I like taking panorama shots like the one I am about to show so horizontal mode doesn't really work well.

I am trying to further illustrate what I mean here(this shot was taken with my DSC-WX5 at vertical panorama setting, wide, holding the camera upright and sweeping from left to right).

I actually cut the panorama off a bit at the far left and right so in reality this sweep panorama shot was even wider:

The second picture shows what would have happened if I had used the horizontal panorama mode, top and bottom would be cut off.

Now, when I do the exact same shots with the RX-100, unfortunately neither shot comes out the way the topmost shot with the DSC-WX5 came out.

(please note the following images are just simulated, I didn't have my RX-100 yet when I took the picture but I can assure you after testing it all day that the RX-100 doesn't offer a nearly as wide angle at the vertical wide setting anymore compared to the DSC-WX5).

Using vertical panorama, wide setting, holding the camera upright and sweeping from left to right will cause the camera to stop shooting very early no matter how many times I tried or how fast I moved. It just doesn't compare at all to the angle I am used to. It's like 100 degrees or less whereas it used be around 180 degrees).

I'd go as far as saying it is not even really a panorama shot anymore.

The result is disappointing:

Using horizontal mode, the angle is as wide as with the DSC-WX5 but again, top and bottom will be cut off so it's sort of useless in this situation.

The bottom line is that sadly, a shot like the topmost one won't be possible with an RX-100.

Unless anyone here has a better idea or knows something I don't know? Maybe a firmware upodate or something?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated,



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