Is my 70-200/2.8 II a dud?!

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Re: What happens with JPGs ?

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Ok, so let's stop looking at the way I conducted the test. let's just assume I did it in a way that truthfully represents the quality of the lens.

Do you think it's something I should just live with, or is it something that Canon should take responsibility and provide "repair" for? ´╗┐How good are your copies?

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If you confirmed the asymmetric CA with some printed samples, then I would complain.

As I mentioned before, to convince Canon, you can say it's asymmetric and therefore the DPP software can't do it's job. (maybe Canon will say it's within spec, but if you say DPP doesn't work to remove CA they might listen, since DPP should remove any CA at the edges).

Forget printing, you're allowed to take great shots and never print one, screen viewing is a major part of photography today.

You're also allowed to have good JPGs without this sort of problem, and not be dependent on any computer software, what do high rez and best quality JPGs out of the camera show, do they show a flaw?

Of course you don't want to have this kind of problem. The key is convincing Canon you are a serious user and won't be fobbed off by "it's within spec", which ever so often happens.

I would ditto the recommendation on also testing on something other than a screen, a test chart or something mostly b&w with plenty fine detail would be interesting to see the results...

That's what I meant with "printing", as I posted earlier, print some B&W charts and take pictures of those.

Or simply a distant tree with back-lighting, on tripod then rotating 180° as you did.

But from your tests, it does look like the lens has some de-centring. If you send it in for repair, if possible include a couple of print-outs clearly showing the problem you're asking them to solve.

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