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jj74e wrote:


I really hope this "new" sensor actually brings some IQ improvements, and it's not just "new" in that it now has phase detect sensors- speaking of which, I hope the AF is actually improved because of it, unlike Canon with their EOS-M and its slow focusing despite phase detect sensors.


The main worry I have for the nX300 is if the battery life- which was already fairly short in the NX210- is even shorter now with the higher res, bigger, touch-enabled screen and faster processor. Also, speaking of which, does the faster processor only mean better FPS and focusing, or do we also get better buffer times and smaller RAW files?


Also, I really don't like tilt screens- for me it's the worst of both worlds: extra thickness without full flexibility of an articulated screen. I was hoping Samsung would be the first to put it on a rangefinder model considering it hasn't yet made an external EVF

(1) Most haven't picked up on this, but DPR seems to have messed up with the test shots with the NX210. They look horrible! Even MFT looks much better. Yet... if we visit another site, imaging-resource, the Samsung pics are better than the Oly-OMD5, the best of the MFT, contrary to what the published results would have us believe here. So don't rely on the test results here alone before you decide how to invest your money.

(2) For the speed, I'm pretty sure that everything is faster, including write times. Just make sure you have a class 10, and not the cheap class 4 or 6 that many are using here.

(3) Seriously, you are worried about 1mm extra thickness? No, you're just kidding right? hahaha you almost had me there!

But the NX20 has the swing out swivel screen that you mention, and the EVF everyone here is bitching about being absent... so why wouldn't the NX30 suit you, when it comes out?

I think Sony has the screen right, on it's A99 - it doesn't swing out, and it's centered position makes for much more intuitive handling/shooting/pointing than when the screen is way off to the side of where the camera is.

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