New Year's Geese and a New Update for the PMH Program

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Re: New Year's Geese-----Thanks KJaay

KJaay wrote:

Nice video captures, I have always loved Geese in flight, and I am lucky to live where it happens lots of times. I have seen Geese mess up a yard or two.

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Thank you, KJaay. Sometimes, vid-caps are the only photos I can get of flying birds. If a good scene of birds presents itself, I will usually choose video over photos. Unfortunately, they don't offer dual-capture in the 60p mode I always use. One little problem I've discovered, is when you use the PMH Program to make vid-caps, the EXIF shows the camera name as, "Play Memories Home".

There are people who will say that geese spread disease or bacteria in their droppings. But I grew up on a farm where we kept many types of wild waterfowl and other birds. At times, some of our Canada Geese would be in our backyard and I raised some goslings in the house by hand. Other than catching the flu a couple of times (not bird flu), I was never sick.

Here's another goose shot-----not a vid-cap:

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