about to purchase a new pro DSLR: Canon MarkD5 IIII or Nikon D800?

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Re: about to purchase a new pro DSLR: Canon MarkD5 IIII or Nikon D800?

AofA wrote:

ya, i know. this versus question is probably very stale. but listen up. i'm an artist and photography and want to get in2 video. i am making the transition to digital and hv been shooting with the Canon G series cameras for a bit. I am somewhat familiar with Nikon 'cause i own an F5 film camera and a 70-300 lens that is mint (great autofocus, really solid and sharp).

i'm leaning towards the D800 because of its high Megapixel count and it's uncompressed video. i'm an artist that wants to make large prints and can't afford a medium format phase system or a good HD video camera-- so i need one system that can somehow be the best all all worlds for all my purposes. i was thinking of buying a killer lens for it (the 30-105 for $1850, i can't afford two lenses and don't like to shoot wider than 35mil and have the 70-300 for when i want more focal length compression-- for portraits.

what's ur take? thanks.

Video for what exactly? Video done well is much more involved than taking a few snaps and it's expensive, time consuming etc.

The fact that the vast majority of pro output is Not shot on DSLR should tell you something.

I would keep the two separate if possible, unless you plan on shooting lots with narrow depth of field I would look elsewhere for video. Video basics go well beyond the camera.


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