LED Monitor Look AFTER Calibrating?

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Re: LED Monitor Look AFTER Calibrating?

TV's also have default settings for auto contrast and saturation, things like movie mode, etc., that are enabled by default. That can wipe out calibration settings.

Some TVs have monitor settings for  sRGB that will set the controls for printing but do not take into account aging which with LED monitors is not generally a problem.

Check you monitor manual for set up options.

Think about getting a monitor for photo editing. You can get a non-wide gamut LED backlight monitor covering the sRGB color space for about $350. Also, by not using it as a TV age drift is limited. You can rent a calibrator to get the numbers for printing adjust the brightness and contrast controls and writing down the control readings in case you need to raise them for some reason. By keeping ambient light at a minimum I find that the typical recommended white chip luminance of 110 foot candles for printing works fine for general use giving me a good gray scale.

Limit your editing to sRGB color space and you should also be fine for web viewing.

http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/downloadable_1/DL_page.html has sRGB images and B&W images you can use to evaluate your monitor display and printing.

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