Should I exchange the SX50 for something better in low light and action mode??????

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Excellent compromise.

lkk324 wrote:

Ok Gang............I exchanged the SX50 for a T3i..........Let the games begin. I spent more then I wanted but said OH WELL!!! I hope I can get a picture out of it LOL

Be ready for my questions!!


Excellent compromise.

For low light, I suggest the following lenses for this camera:

28 mm f1.8

50 mm f1.8

For sports, I suggest the following:

24-105 L

70-300 IS

For wide angle, I suggest:

10-22 mm

This lens kit is fairly light and very affordable.

To complete it, I suggest getting Canon's midrange flash head, a Velbon monopod, and a tripod And a small camera bag .

Best. have fun!

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