Need a new calibrator?

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Re: This is about "renting", not buying

You are not leaving the pucks plugged in all of the time, are you? You only need to plug them in and let them warm up for maybe an hour before a calibration.

If your USB socket is over voltage for some reason that's all I could think about premature failure.

A ColorMunki Photo has a light source to be used for printer calibration. When plugged in it will go on for a few seconds, then off, to warm up and keep stabilized. The light source should have a life of several thousand hours. The CMP has a calibration mode to run before you use it for calibration to allow for light source aging and its life should be for several thousand hours before factory relacement and calibration is required. The display only devices use only the screen light source and don't have built in illumination to wear out.

In both types the light sensors should last years. They are not the type used in really older light meters that deteriorated with use.

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