Why Nikon asks for more money for a D800E than a D800? Is that a "dumb" Nikon policy?

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Re: Why Nikon asks for more money for a D800E than a D800? Is that a "dumb" Nikon policy?

marike6 wrote:

Peter Jonas wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

ata3001 wrote:

So what, if Nikon sold more D800E's than just plain D800's. Would that be such a bad thing? That would show that the D800E is more of a marketing success. Why is that bad?

Who said it's ...bad? I just wonder if the D800E could make the whole sales of D800 (well, ...almost!) ...alone if it was sold at what it costs.

Do you think the D800E costs less to make then the D800?

Exactly. It always amazes me when people don't consider the extra cost of manufacturing a product. The D800E is more expensive than the D800 because it costs more to develop, design, and manufacture. $300 is more than fair for what you get with the E model. If it had been a Canon, a hypothetical 5DE would have cost $1000 more for sure.

Yet, here the situation doesn't apply to a "new product"..., it applies to two versions of ´╗┐one ´╗┐product..., just like having a car offered with manual or automatic gearbox... It always amazes me when people consider that to implement a gearbox on a car, the whole car needs redevelopment!


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