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fft81 wrote:

tony brown wrote:

If you like folk to have a play with your images, just post a jpg itself rather than make them do work just to find out whether they are interested.

Here's my play (or should I just post a link to it for you to cut and paste in a new window?)

Cheers, Tony.

Nice edit!

The JPGs from d800 are 36MPx and without extensive compression vary from 15 to 25 MegaBytes. I did not want to flood the forum with so much inline data. Other option would be to downsize jpg, but i wanted to keep them full rez for those who don't want to mess with raw.

Preferably post an image within 1500 wide and 1000 pixels tall for auto-reduced display in a browser by the DPReview software. It allows people to download a slightly larger version if they choose under 'original size'.

If it's the sort of image you think they might request RAW file, then link to that as you did in your OP.

Thus one gets an immediate view of the subject for consideration and can choose a better size for working on. Few people want to return a D800 sized jpg in answer to your request for a play which DPReveiw will auto-downsize for the browser version.

They, too, could link to any huge file for your download if they want to and/or have a large storage area at their disposal.

Other's suggestions may vary.

Cheers, Tony.

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