Sold My X100 for X-Pro-1 and regretted it.

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Re: Sold My X100 for X-Pro-1 and regretted it.

Styleimaging wrote:

Sold My X100 for X-Pro-1 and regretted it. I mean don't get me wrong. the XPro1 does everything it says it does and more, but there is something magical about the x100. the compactness. the feel of not having to worry about big bulky lenses. not having to mess with switching lenses. on the x100 you have the one lens and just the challenge of making it work with that fixed lens on the camera. The feel of the camera's size. THe pro 1 is huge in comparison. The quality of the pro 1 is a few steps above the x100 in terms of details, colors, dynamic range, high iso. the focus is hit and miss on both camera. the quirkiness of the xpro1 im not to fond of. its just a clumsy functional camera when it focuses. to much noise out of the camera when it focuses.

All in all if you can get used to the lack of focusing ability on moving targets and noise from lenses they are both great cameras. the image quality is amazing. colors are just out of this world. i miss the size and convenience of the x100. i might just pick one up again. who knows.

btw for those of you who plan on buying these type of cameras to replace your dslrs. DONT. These cameras are more of a luxury and "having fun while using" type cameras then anything else. These cameras are not work horses by no means. Its kinda like that old classic car you have in the garage all fixed up for a weekend driver. and the 4 door sedan u take to work on the weekdays to get to work. the sedan being the DSLR.

just my 2 cents .

You miss the size ?  Of course, if that is a main concern, then buy the X100s ... at least you get a new model, and I assume sold the X1OO at a higher price.  It should go lower soon after the X100s comes out ...

I disagree that the XE1 or Xpro are not workhorses.

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