Panasonic needed please, beginner to photography.

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Re: more information needed

Do you have the 14-42 lens or the 14-140 lens? I would guess you have the 14-42mm. These numbers tell the focal length, which will tell you the angle you can shoot (in more or less arbitrary units). Larger focal length means more "zoom", although zoom actually refers to the ratio of the highest and the lowest focal length of the lens. So, the 14-42 has a zoom factor of 3 (42/14=3) and 14-140 has the zoom factor of 10 (140/14=10), right? The 7-14 lens has a zoom factor of 2 (14/7=2). So, if you want to get "closer", select a lens that has a large focal length.

The another thing you need to care about is the F-number. It tells you how much light the lens can gather. This is important for shooting in low light, or if you want to background blur. The lower the number(s), the better. For example, f/3.5-f/4.0 is better than f/3.5-f/5.6.

The third thing is other properties of the lens, but IMHO you should not worry about those too much, because all the micro four thirds lenses are pretty good.

I hope you can now narrow your lens desires to a small number.

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