Olympus MySets, do you use them?

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Guy Parsons
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I do, I do !

Mike_PEAT wrote:

Not! You heard me right...I DON'T want MySet on a dial (unless it's protected by a lock), I WANT it in a menu!

I first choose the MySet preset I want that's closest to what I'm shooting, then make other changes in the menu. If I had it on a dial it can be bumped during the shoot, and while I can get back to the MySet I want I would have lost the changes I made since previously selecting the MySet. MySet needs to remain a multi-step process to change it, I wouldn't mind it on the SCP.

It's like the seat controls on a car...I don't want them where they can be bumped while I'm driving. My older film camera required pulling up the ISO dial to change it, which I liked. My newer one you just turned the dial, and I don't know how many times the ISO got bumped and ruined shots.

Hopefully the E-PL5 mode dial will be like the E-PL1, quite firm detent operation in action and never ever have bumped it accidentally. To get it to move it's always a grip with two fingers and not a thumb push action.

If the E-PL5 dial proves to be a problem then I'll drop it back to menu operation, but that is not convenient for me - I just like it to turn on with my hopefully good default settings already there (ideal for grab shots when something unexpected happens).

If experimenting with changes then either decide to re-write the MySet or let it disappear when turned off. I loved using that method with the C1/2 dial spots on my Pana LX3.

So it will be peace at last for me when my E-PL5 arrives. To me that MySet mode dial trick is the most important feature, rises even above expectations of how much better the sensor might be. If the E-M5 had that feature then I might have considered it.

Regards....... Guy

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