Does refurbished mean "just like new"?

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Re: Does refurbished mean "just like new"?

gdanmitchell wrote:

Karl Summers wrote:

I'm looking at a Canon 17-55 f/2.8 online. It's 'refurbished' and still sealed in the box. When a lens is refurbished, what exactly does that entail? Is it calibrated? Do they remove any dust behind the front element?

I can get this for $875 but I want to be sure this is going to be just like new and that there will be no focus issues.

Any thoughts or insight on this would be greatly appreciated.



I do not know Canon's actual policies. However, in general "refurbished" products are those that were returned after purchase for technical reasons - something out of adjustment, something missing from the box, etc. They cannot be resold as new. Typically they would either be fixed/adjusted if there had been a real problem (sometimes there isn't) or else checked out to verify that they work within normal new product specs.

Canon refurbs come with a warranty, though it is shorter than that with new equipment. However, if you get a product with a real problem you should be able to have it fixed under warranty.

Canon refurbs warranty only for 90 days.  So far the Canon refurb items I been interested in buying, the price difference between the refurb price and online price of the new item with 1-year warranty has been small enough I bought the new item to have the full 1-year warranty.

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