40mm f2.8 STM... why not?

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People, you're doing it wrong!

Firstly - you can't have a discussion about the merits of a prime of given focal length if you don't also mention the format - from the first few posts it was clear that many posters shoot APS.

Secondly, comparing this lens to a zoom is senseless because they are so fundamentally different (I own a Tamron 24-70/2.8, as well as the 40/2.8 even though the 24-70 covers the exact focal length/aperture of the STM, simply because the STM is what, a tenth of the size?).

The only things it makes sense to compare the 40mm STM to, is 28, 35, and 50mm primes. In all cases, the 40mm wins in terms of size, and loses in terms of maximum aperture.

Regarding format size, I believe 40mm is far more useful on FF than on APS. On FF, 50mm often feels too narrow, to me, and 35mm often feels just a tad too wide, for a single, do-it-all prime. 40mm is perfect.

From the above, one can conclude that the 40mm STM is a great lens, specifically as a walkaround, single lens solution when large apertures aren't required and compactness is valued (on FF). Great for roadtrips/travel, street photography, etc.

I have other primes at similar focal lengths and a 24-70/2.8 zoom and still, having just bought this lens, I am convinced that the 40mm will spend a lot of time on my 5D.

What I find especially appealing about the lens is that the only compromise one is making in exchange for the compact dimensions is in terms of aperture - there is no compromise in terms of image quality.

Bottom line(s):

1) Don't get this lens in stead of other lenses, get it in addition to other lenses.

2) Get it for the focal length, and get it for it's (lack of) size.

3) Don't get it for APS - 64mm is infinitely less useable than 40mm as a general purpose lens, imho.

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