Switching from dSLR to rx100

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Re: Switching from dSLR to rx100

I was impressed at how Sony managed to get a 1.0 sensor into such a small body (for a price, of course) and tried the camera out extensively.  For me it would be a perfect "pocket" camera for those family functions, but there are two reasons holding me back from buying one:  One, there is no viewfinder; and two, no filter ring (I like polarizers for outdoors).

Another issue:  The only focal length at which the camera operates at f/1.8 is the widest setting.  As soon as you begin to zoom you lose that capability.

On the other hand, it has the best digital zoom I've ever seen, as long as you don't go too far.  This, of course, may be due at least in part to the fact that it is a 20-megapixel camera.

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