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Re: NX300 Official - See the News!

wictred wrote:

So basically they did some improvements and fixed things that could have been solved already in the existing NX200 and NX210.

they could have fixed menu access during writing in the NX200 and NX210 and they could have offered a better solution for manual focusing (e.g. moveable zoom area). but they didn't. so if these things bother you then just go ahead and buy the new NX300.

I guess the NX400 will have an EVF then, right?

I am not impressed. Actually I'm glad I have switched systems ... more than ever before.

But maybe they'll get some things right.

Maybe they'll get a proper PDAF system and maybe they'll get rid of the posterisation and the circular banding.

But even then I'm pretty sure they'll screw up somehow.
I'm curious - what will it be this time?

I am curious why dosen't anyone complain about Sony screwing up?

Why cause they like Sony like a blind person, and dont complain if they are lacking but is tossed on a wish list. Same with any other brand, just Samsung seems to be a punching bag because they dont have any rep.

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