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Re: HP Premium Plus Photo Paper

fft81 wrote:

I see this paper rather cheap on ebay in 8.5x11. Online i see very mixed reviews about the paper, but the arguments brought fourth against this paper make me question reviewers intelligence. For example blaming color fading on paper, instead of on ink...

Any how, has any one of you tried this paper and has any feelings about it? I currently have HP Premium (not the premium plus) paper in 5x7 and have no problems with it.

This will be mostly for hand outs to friends and family, but i would like "decent" archivability... say 10+ years in a closed album.


I've made the mistake of buying some of this paper at my local Mricenter store and I should have know as it was in a huge barrel by the check out stations.

The main problem with the HP paper is that it is incompatible with Epson inks. Due to the type of coating. Possible ink puddling ( That was my main problem ) as well as taking forever to dry has been observed by me. Specially with Pigment inks.

The HP matte paper may work a lot better is you can find a good profile or create one yourself if you have the hardware to do so.

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