Help me decide 2013 Mac Book Pro, or 2013 27" iMac. Pros and cons of each.

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Re: Help me decide 2013 Mac Book Pro, or 2013 27" iMac. Pros and cons of each.

Len_Gee wrote:


First off, Im just a casual snapper, not a professional photographer. I have an early 2006 20" iMac Intel Core Duo with 2GB RAM, 500 GB HD. I can't load the latest softwares and it runs very slow.

Also, not computer litterate, so I don't think a Mac Mini would work for me. Basically, looking for something easy ie. plug and play.

I use it for everything, including iTunes, Web browsing, and email. Current iPhoto Library is around 22, 000 photos on an external HD.

So, I think it's time to upgrade. But not sure what to get. 15" Mac Pro laptop or 27" iMac.

I use an iPhone 4s, and new iPad when I travel.


Is 15" Mac Book Pro screen large enough for editing photos ie. photoshop Elements 11, or iPhoto 11?

I would need a diskc drive to make DVD's to send and make back ups. That means if I go with a iMac desktop I would need to purchase a disc drive.

On the iMac there is 3TB HD or Fusion drive available. What makes the Fusion drive better and do I need it?

The Mac Book Pros have smaller HD's, and includes a disc drive.

What would be your recommendation configurations for either.

I just bought the the basic 21.5" iMac for $1299.00. Great value IMO with the 8gb RAM standard. It works really well w/ LR4, iTunes, iPhoto, browser and several other programs running simultaneously. The new iMac w/ Mt. Lion has some really snazzy features, including iMessage from your machine. I just bought my first "smart" phone ever...the iPhone 5 and I use iMessage from the iMac all the time to communicate w/ my iPhone friends and family.

Why the 27" iMac? The new 21.5" iMac screen is awesome! Much reduced glare, and everything looks great. I would be afraid that my photographic prints would disappoint after viewing on the 27" screen. Also, 21.5" seems more manageable to me from a space stand-point, too. I'd recommend going with the 21.5" and (if you really want to spend more money) upgrading w/ a few extra goodies like 2.9GHz, 16gb RAM and the Fusion Drive for $1949.00. Otherwise, the basic, off-the-shelf, Best Buy iMac 21.5" is just incredible. I say this because I just bought the previous model iMac 5 months ago and this latest one is just so much better.

So my advice is to buy the entry level and, with the extra money you don't spend, buy a little sooner the next time around. Tech seems to be progressing in such a way that it doesn't make sense to buy higher specs. when entry level products are so damn good.

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