A question for the Pro Photographers on this forum.................

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Re: Hey, if you don't make a living doing it......

MichaelKJ wrote:

I hope you would agree that there are amateurs who are much more talented than many of the people who make their living as photographers.


That also begs the question of how one classifies people who only do wedding photography because their income from the photography they love isn't sufficient.

Rembrandt made most of his money painting portraits of rich people. You could say he was an event photographer of his day.

Bottom line is that "pro" doesn't have much meaning when it comes to photography.

People who put food on their table with their gear tend to (i) use that gear far, far more than virtually any amateur, and (ii) know that failures can cost them far more than the cost of a bad purchase.

This is true even of hacks doing cheap wedding packages. If anything those guys can be extremely demanding because they operate so close to the edge. That's why tons of them are still shooting paying jobs with gear most of the posters here would be embarrassed to be caught with--they cannot afford to waste money on gear they do not actually need.

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