MacBook Pro 2012 for work - Retina / Matte Screen

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Re: MacBook Pro 2012 for work - Retina / Matte Screen

amateurphotographer wrote:

Hi all,

Am a pro photographer doing portraits at clients office, many indoor/outdoor event shoots requiring press releases and I travel around Asia doing architectural shoots. Been using my 10 inch 1.2GHz sony laptop for the last 4yrs but now this laptop is struggling to keep up with the type and pace of my work, in particular screen is too small and processor too slow for downloading/editting large amounts of photos.

Am likely to jump to 15 inch MacBPro, "likley" to be announced at the WWDC 11th June. Rumoured specs - ivy bridge 2.7GHz i7 quad, 16GB DRAM, 4.7lbs (2.1kg), USB3 +SSD Am new to Apple gear except nano and ipad. dont think anything else in the market or upcoming soon meeting same spec.

I will probably get the top spec, except I need to see info on battery consumption with or without the retina screen, before deciding on screen type. Do most of you have matte screens on your Pro? Also do most put a screen protector ontop? Does the matte and screen protector affect what you see when editting the photos, particularly any issues with shades of grey, e.g. for men's suits? At home been using Eizo Flexscans. Does the matte screen affect colour calibration and do you colour calibrate your MacBPros e.g. using Spyder? As I am not used to Apple OS, I might dual boot with Windows. Anyone with experience using Windows OS on a Mac, heard maybe issues with the track pad? Will probably load LR4 as simply just used to that. Any thoughts and tips will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have a one year old 17 inch MBP with the antiglare screen.  It was not a quick decision but I am very happy with it and glad I choose it for sure.

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