16-50 Nex 6 focusing issue with PDAF

Started Jan 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
Tom Hoots
Tom Hoots Veteran Member • Posts: 6,072

BRUCEK56 wrote:


As has been previously discussed at length in a previous post I have found there is a problem getting sharp pictures using the 16-50 lens at 40mm to 50mm at 5.6 which uses PDAF.

Yes, indeed, "discussed at length."

But I don't recall SEEING any examples of the problem, so I'm really having a problem comprehending how horrible this terrible problem really is.

Do you suppose you could post an original out-of-camera example that shows this problem, and describe to us what focus mode you used, what you were actually trying to focus on, and discuss your other camera settings?  Boy, I would sure like to see something like that.

Thanks, if you'd be willing to oblige!

Tom Hoots

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