New and need help with Canon SX50

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Re: New and need help with Canon SX50

lkk324 wrote:

Ok...the kit I got has the 18-55 IS and then the zoom it came with iw the EFS55-250mm. So this is good?

From reading your posts here and in the PowerShot forum, it sounds like you're having a tough time deciding. Not to complicate further, but a compromise of a two-lens kit is that you can do telephoto (55-250) or wide angle/normal (18-55) but you'll have to switch.

This may matter to you for the sports thing if you're on the sidelines and you're trying to get both shots right in front of you and shots downfield. You'll need wide angle for the "in front of you" shots (55mm is too long on the telephoto lens) but telephoto for the downfield shots (55mm is too short on the wide/normal lens).

Your only other options are to invest in a longer zoom (looks like another $300 for a used lens), or stay with the SX50.

Or, if you're in the stands, then maybe the 55-250 will do the job. Again, my experience was on the sidelines, and 55 would have been much too long. I compromised by "settling" for "only" 105mm on the telephoto end... which helped me resist buying a 70-300 telephoto lens. That lens at 70mm would have been too long to get this shot: 

Since you seem to have both cameras, try them side-by-side. Whatever you do, accept the compromises you've "bought" and then learn to work within them... at least for a couple of years.

Edit:  While we're looking, let me point out some user error to show you that a better camera is no guarantee of great shots.  I choose my own ISO, and I had it too low (220) resulting in a slower shutter speed (1/250) than I probably wanted.  I grabbed this shot as an example of a wider focal length that you might want to use--and that you'd miss with a 55-250 lens.  Finally, the manual zoom of a DSLR lens is less frustrating to me (i.e., faster) compared to the power zoom of a bridge camera.

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