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Re: It just costs money to get there...

Petruska wrote:

one way or another. I have two complete computer systems, I have multiple colorimeters and spectometers and 6 printers. Thus if I question a piece of hardware acting up I try my alternative to narrow down what is wrong. It's nothing to spend a few thousand dollars on this printing hobby, and those few thousand dollars can buy a lot of custom lab printing don't they!

Nobody here can tell if your puck is bad or not, if that standardize test photo printed out correctly, then it's obviously that you have either a bad monitor calibration, bad calibration hardware/software setup, or even a bad monitor.

Good luck!

Bob P.

Exactlly Craig. When you print that standard test photo WITHOUT editing it and it prints correctly, the ONLY other possibility when you are printing your images and they are not correct, is your monitor is mal adjusted, so you then introduce a bias when you are "White Balancing" your images. In reality you are adding a color cast.

You say you have lost customers due to bad color? Then ther is no excuse and you really have to bite the bullet and get nothing less than a Colormunki PHOTO. It will calibrate your monitor perfectly, create GREAT and unlimited paper profiles and even calibrate a digital projector so what what you show on your lap top's screen is what's projected on the wall screen.

Why? Imagine a photographer showing shots to a client with a projector ( Who wants to look at a smallish monitor when you can view the images on a glorious 110" screen ) and the projected images do not match, the laptop screen. Specially after all that careful editing.

What would you say? Oh uh yes they look ( add any color cast ) but don't worry, the final prints will look fine!

I would run away as fast as possible!!!

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