Need a new calibrator?

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OK, looks like a good print

and just to confirm, you did print the standard photo from Photoshop, with the "printer managing colors" in the PS print window.

1. If you have a great print of the standard photo with the printer manging colors there is positively nothing wrong with your printer and the printer driver. The monitor eimage has no bearing on the print result.

2. You state that the monitor doesn't match this print, then you have either a poorly calibrated monitor, bad monitor, and/or a MAC OS issue.

3. Your other bad prints using ICC profiles and different papers tell me that you have your settings wrong in PS and the printer driver.

4. You now need to print that standard photo with PS managing colors and use the Epson ICC profile for the same paper used in the first test image to get to the same exact print as the print when the printer manged colors in PS.

Then go on to other ICC profiles and papers, but you need to get those two standard prints to match first or again you will go in circles.

Bob P.

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