extended tele conversion vs. cropping

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Re: extended tele conversion vs. cropping

mgibbs wrote:

your point r.e. the ease of the user to focus is the salient one for my purposes, as i am using a manual focus legacy lens. still, most seem to concur that IQ suffers from using the ETC - thanks for all of your advice - your posts have been most educational !

Yes, it is likely often easier to see (via preview screens) that which one would like the CDAF system to focus upon - but the paradoxical downside (may) be that the accuracy of the AF process that proceeds may (as a result) be degraded (as a result of a reduced AF-area photo-site array size).

My thoughts expressed arise out of theoretical considerations (being based upon some tests conducted by J C Brown on the Panny FZ50) - but it seems to me that it may be a valid concern.

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