Microphone for Canon 5d Mk iii - Rode VideoMic vs. Zoom H1

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Re: Microphone for Canon 5d Mk iii - Rode VideoMic vs. Zoom H1

user37kog wrote:

I am looking for an affordable, but capable microphone for the Canon 5d Mk iii. So far I am considering the Rode VideoMic vs. Zoom H1. Do you have any experience with these or can you recommend another model?

Rode VideoMic

Zoom H1

These are 2 different way or approach to capturing sound for video. Neither one is the best or worst. It depends on what you want to do. You didn't say what application or type of shooting you will do. Nonetheless, let me just illustrate some of the issues you may need to address.

I have the Rode videomic and it is a very good mic for its price. But even if you get a U$2,000 mic, your sound capture may still not be good. The microphone is just a part of the entire chain of audio capture. Your recorder, in this case the 5d mk3, may not have a good audio module or not as good module to capture what a great mic has captures. It may introduce noise, or it may not have a good chip, or its bit rate is not high enough. It could be any of many things.

If you go the Zoom H1 way, well, then you have all of those issues covered. However, the mic placement may not be ideal or it may not be able to cover all the bases. For example,

Another problem is that certain videos may require multiple mics. For example an orchestra or a band where you want to get each instrument or group of instrument. In that case, you may have to wire it, or use wireless then routed to a dedicated sound recording device. And that device may have to be able to take multiple inputs, record in mulitple tracks as well.

Onboard mics are good for on the go shooting. If I were doing events like weddings, or I am a journalist, that is very good. Audio fidelity is not as high as recording a recital or high class music. Still, it is decent. As an events shooter, I find wireless mics more useful than the rode mic and maybe the Zoom is more useful as well. But it's mostly wireless solutions that is more useful all around. I can even route the output of a wireless to a Zoom recorder.

If I were shooting indies, the requirements may also differ. I could use the rode mic but not on cam but on a boom pole or the like. It will also route to an external sound recorder. An H1 or the like will be the recorder. Routing to a camera may not be the best solution especially if there is multiple camera set up. This is more so if you have different brands of cameras being used. You may have different results. The best, since time immemorial is to record sound not in-cam but on a dedicated recorder.

There is no real one stop/shop solution. This is why all these solutions don't go out of business and they still make them. Each has their place in the various video shooting situations.

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