Best software for printing from a MAC, alternative to Qimage?

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Re: ImageNest

ken henke wrote:

Considering you want to print out of a Mac, I would suggest you try a demo of ImageNest. Although not as robust as Qimage, it has some technology to improve upon the Epson drivers. Be aware it still does use the Epson driver so it is not a true RIP program. I certainly found it printed better than from Aperture, clearly. Since I already have Parallels, I use Qimage. Since I have used it for over 10 years, I am used to it's interface. For the buck,it IS the most amazing software ever written in my humble opinion.

(responding to this old post since I am switching to Mac after 10+ years using Qimage and I found this thread very helpful during searches)

I did some side-by-side test prints with Qimage and ImageNest and found that ImageNest was able to come very close to Qimage's results, and I think I actually prefer the ImageNest output! (incidentally, it was blindingly obvious the difference between Qimage/ImageNest and simply printing from the Mac Preview application, so this is a worthwhile pursuit)

I print to a Canon Pro9000 Mark II, using Canon Pro Platinum paper. I don't spend any time on profiling or custom profiles - I just tell the driver what paper I'm printing on. My monitor is not calibrated.

Using ImageNest with "ImageNest Manages Colors" and the "Generic RGB Profile" worked well for me, very nearly matching the Qimage output. I set the Uprezzing resolution to the highest value in Preferences, and left the RGB Source Profile at its default "Relative Colorimetric". Uprezzing was set to "Canon" and Sharpening was set to "High" (I think Medium would also work well). I confirmed with the vendor that these settings are only active if Color Handling is set to "ImageNest Manages Colors".

So, I am happy with this purchase, and definitely recommend ImageNest to anyone else looking to switch from Qimage who doesn't want to use Windows just for printing. Hope this helps someone! --Erik

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