New 24-85 vs 16-85

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Re: New 24-85 vs 16-85

I have the 24-85 but haven't used it on my D5100 yet. If you like I can take some pics this weekend with it on that camera and post it on here. What distances would you be most interested in? 
My normal walk about lens is the Sigma 17-50 2.8 OS which I have been very satisfied with. The corners are nothing to write home about wide open, but are decent stopped down to f4 and beyond. If you are looking for ultimate sharpness, center aside I think that the 16-85 or 24-85 would be better suited.

For DX and my style of shooting as other have mentioned, I would find the wide end painful to give up, but your style of shooting may differ from my own.

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