Need a new calibrator?

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You said the test print was fine in another post

now it isn't.

I suggest you slow down and get the answers correct or all we will be doing is going around in circles.

Please answer "all" the questions...

1.  What OS (Windows or MAC) are you using?

2.  What photo editing/printing software are you using.

3.  Stick with the "standard" test photo, the middle B&W photo should print correct grey scale
without any color tint.

4.  You should be using Epson paper for these tests as you need to use the Epson paper selection in both "allowing the printer to manage colors", and "allowing the app to manage colors" to determine where the problem is.

5.  Your first print (the unedited standard photo) should be with the the editing/printing application "allowing printer to manage colors" and select the proper printer settings; the correct Select setting - Photo, Media - correct paper, Mode - Epson standard sRGB, size orientation, etc.

Let us know what that print looks like, should take you less than 5 minutes to do this.

Bob P.

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