Landscape/nature shooter doubts on RX100 corner softness and sensor dust

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Re: Nope, sorry..

harry cannoli wrote:

Sir Punk wrote:

I would like to buy an RX100, however there are two major drawbacks I have not been able to address.

1. Corner softness would a problem for me as I shoot a lot of landscapes, architecture, outdoors scenes. I am concerned about softness I have seen in the rx100 pictures.

2. Dust on sensor, I want a camera that I can easily clean if I get any dust in the sensor. I know the rx100 is fairly new but I am afraid sooner or later I will end up either having to send it for a clean up or opening up to clean it myself.

I am coming from a Panasonic LX3 and I loved its 24mm but I am willing to give it up for better video and sharp, detailed pictures.

Are there any solution to reduce corner softness or its a drawback of the rx100 design? Is the sensor easy to clean?

The lens is what it is, and you can't get to the sensor. One thing, for all the RX-100's out here, there's only been a few complaints of dust. Probably nothing to sweat.

Unless, of course, your own camera happens to inhale a dust spec - then, I assure you, the cavalier outlook quickly fades ...   :-/

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