NEX-7 or wait? HELP

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Re: NEX-7 or wait? HELP

mrc123 wrote:

Simply for the reason to try it out. they always say, buy it and return it if you don't like it... so I will.

The EVF on the 6 is better? I thought they were identical? Please be more specific.


I still can not understand that everbody expects a brand new unused camera when they buy it, while so many people buy I camera "just to try it out" and have the intention to return it in the first place...

Anyway, if I read your questions carefully, I make the assumtion that you're not a very experienced photographer (but I could be wrong). I therefore doubt it very much that you will experience a real difference between the 6 and 7. Especially if you compare them with the kit lenses attached. So you're buy-and-try tactic does not really make sence.

What I can say is that the layout of the controls of the NEX-6 are not on the same level as the 7. It is allready much better than on the 5N, but I still prefer the tri-navi on the 7 (especially because I don't like the way the mode-dail works on the 6).
But, the size of the new 16-50 lens on the 6 is superb. It makes the whole combination much smaller, making it fit in the pocket of you're jacket for the first time. While that's absolutely impossible with the 18-55 lens.

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