Quick Walk in Detroit- OM-D

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Quick Walk in Detroit- OM-D

When I'm in Michigan, I spend most of my time in the north, far away from the crumbling cities that most people associate with the state. However, this last week I did make a trip south to visit relatives. We stopped in Detroit to view the Detroit Institute of Art and eat lunch, and since I'm a country bumpkin with no appreciation of high art, I decided to take a brief walk through the streets to see what the city was like and practice my street photography.

Detroit is a fascinating city, as it's lost nearly half of its population as the auto industry got outsourced and the streets became more violent. On the other hand, even in my brief time there I did get a sense of a very close community spirit, and an impressive resilience on the part of its residents.

Street photography is not a familiar style for me, so I was put a bit out of my comfort zone. But that's the only way to learn and get better, I suppose. It was late afternoon, and I really liked the soft light of a sunny day shadowed by skyscrapers. All pictures are with the OM-D and either the 45mm f/1.8 or the regular 4/3 9-18mm. The distinction should be fairly obvious! The tilting screen of the OM-D works great for this sort of thing, as it allows me to take pictures while walking, without even using the viewfinder. CC is welcome and encouraged! Hope you enjoy!

I believe the appropriate caption for this would be "Only in Detroit".

The city installed an ice rink in the city center to celebrate the surprisingly cold temperatures. It was met with approval by the local population.

The GM headquarters, in the Detroit Renaissance Center.

This is Papa Smurf; he's a homeless man in the city who has become somewhat of a well-known character because of his eccentricity and kind-heartedness. He rides a very old bicycle with CDs glued to the spokes that he calls the "Silver Surfer", and volunteers to guard the equipment of rock bands touring the city for only a couple of dollars.

Another view of the Renaissance Center.

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