Gray Market Lens Repair, Serial Numbers, etc.

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Re: Gray Market Lens Repair, Serial Numbers, etc.

Sundang wrote:

On the NikonUsa web site under product registration you can insert your serial number. If it there is a problem with that number, a tab will show saying it may be a gray market item. You can always clear out the item afterwards. I just used it with a used D70 that I bought.

I am not sure that works the way you think it does. A Nikon USA Service rep told me on the phone that the web site will not show you (a Nikon customer visiting their web site) any kind of notation or alert that an item you are registering is gray market (too bad; that would be useful). On the other hand, a Nikon rep can enter a serial number in house (obviously that person has some kind of special access to their web site functions that you and I don't have) and, according to the person I talked to, the item will be registered with out any notation or alert if it's US market, a gray market item will show up highlighted in blue on their internal web site if it's gray market, and red if it's know to be stolen. However, you and I don't get that indication. If you got some indication out of the ordinary, let your colleagues here know.

With all of that said, what someone needs to do to get something useful out of this discussion here is to register a clearly known gray market lens on their "My Nikon" page on Nikon's USA web site and see if there is any resultant indication to the owner that an item is gray (i.e., if the item register looks different on the equipment list than other that are US items. (I specifcally asked if anything bad happens to someone who registers a gray market lens on the Nikon USA site and the rep said no - the Nikon police will not knock on your door, take your gear away and throw you in the gulag !!!) Moreover, the same serial number can be registered by two different owners on their own My Nikon page. What  a mess this whole issue has become.

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