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crsantin wrote:

A few improvements here but nothing to get really excited about. Samsung has not kept up with their competitors and this NX300 is merely a modest improvement on an already lacking system. No evf option, no flash system, no new lenses...there is no reason for a photographer looking to expand his/her horizons to stick with Samsung, and no reason for users of other systems to move to Samsung. Samsung continues to disappoint. I still use my NX100 once in a while but I've moved on to other options, still keeping hope that Samsung would wake up. Maybe they are a hit in Korea, but here in North America it is more or less a dead system.

The number of people who really require EVFs should just buy a camera with an EVF- if it's as necessary as people make it sound, then they're probably going to leave the EVF accessory on most of the time, and if they're going to do that, just buy a model with it built in. On dpreview an EVF seems absolute but dpreview users are a small portion of the overall camera market. I'm not saying Samsung shouldn't come out with a good EVF at some point, but to me and many others it's not a decision-breaking product.

Samsung does have a few flashes that are good enough for me, but while they lack a stronger assortment of native flashes, you can still use other companies' flashes if you need to

Didn't they just come out with the 12-24mm and 45mm? The former btw they were very quick in making available in stores. And they already have more native lenses than everyone except M4/3

And what is the NX300 really lacking, since you make it sound like it is still playing catchup? The NX210's main flaws were the slow buffer write times, large RAW files, and slightly less quality high ISO images- all things that could be remediated in the NX300 but you are writing it off before knowing.

Given, I'm not saying there isn't a chance for the nx300 to be another disappointment with the same major flaws, but there's no reason to be so negative off the bat.

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