V2 sample photos from DPR

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Re: V2 sample photos from DPR

moog66 wrote:

rayman 2 wrote:

jonikon wrote:

I tend to agree with moog66. If a difference between the 10MP and 14MP sensor will prove to be discernible, it will be with a lens with greater sharpness and better micro-contrast than the 10-30mm can provide.

Thats a widespread misunderstanding of optics.....

If yaour camera is better then the other one you will see about the same improvemnt with

the same lens...

lenses are not like brick walls where you hit a certain quality level and it doesnt go over that because the lens quality limits...

Thats a myth that gets carried on here...

with more resolution in the camera body you do get more resolution with the same lens......

A lens on a D700 shows a lot less resolution then on a D800....

Clearly the 2 interrelate to a degree.

But a soft lens with poor contrast won't suddenly become sharp because you put it on a body with a more pixels on the sensor. At some pixel density you hit diminishing returns and only record marginally more information. That point depends on the resolution of the lens.

Equally, poor in-camera processing can destroy an optically sharp image, particularly if applying overzealous noise reduction algorithms.

I think with the 10-30 you'll find that the there is only marginally more detail recorded if you bump the pixel count from 10 to 14 MP. Probably much less significant than if using decent glass to begin with.

According to a post I recently read on the DX Pro forum:-

"This is the formula for resolution, as I currently understand it: Rsystem = 1/sqrt(1/Rlens^2 + 1/Rsensor^2). It's easy to see that actual resolution can be held back either by the lens or the sensor".

As Zebedee said in The Magic Roundabout (UK only) "Time for bed".

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