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I don't like it either

malch wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Sure, they could implement dlna type features and provide apps for other platforms, too. But, I just don't see content providers "biting", just because Intel wants to get into the WebTV business, as there are already other platforms (e.g., Android, IOS), with application vendors that content providers could negotiate with (Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, etc.).

I already have Netflix and would happily pay an additional fee for CNN, Fox News, CNBC, Discovery Channel etc with Netflix as the channel/delivery vehicle.

But that seems to be an ongoing nothing-going-on situation.

Right now, as far as I know, Intel is the only player trying to get to unbundled channel subscriptions.

I don't like the way content providers work right now either.

I rarely watch TV, but my wife likes certain channels that I'd need to buy via higher priced bundles with Comcast. I've seen the same issue looking for the channels my wife wants with Dish Network, and internet TV providers.

So, I'm all for more flexibility in that area.

But, I just don't think Intel will have any "clout" to get those types of changes made.

Right now, Intel Web TV services is "vaporware", and it looks like content is the main holdup in announcing their products (which I'd expect, since there are a number of other services that content providers would be more likely to partner with first, before giving in to Intel's desire for more flexible content offerings).

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