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Re: Back on topic: Bracketing on NEX5n

D Cox wrote:

All true, but a firmware update for the 5N would do no harm.

Oh, no doubt. I'm hoping for that too, although I am doubtful that it will happen being that the 5N already got one round of updates to sort out whatever they felt were major bugs/limits.

I think from Sony's standpoint, the clamoring for the bracketing limit was reaching a crescendo by the time they got to update the 7, and it was becoming hard to see the 7 as being intended for non-serious shooters (as was originally intentioned for the NEX). They kinda had to do it.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for others below the 7.*

*Use Sony's perspective, not ours, and also consider that Sony might be:

1) Dubious about the demands of DPR denizens, which may not match the actual demographic of overall sales; and...

2) Somewhat loathe against admitting that they had a successful product almost by accident, i.e. envisioned the wrong target audience... but the actual audience (us) was so hungry for this type of revolutionary product (a small camera with a good dSLR sensor) that we were willing to work around some of the Sony-misconceived ill-fits.

But here's to hoping with ya.

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