Is the incidence of home invasions higher in UK or US?

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Re: Is the incidence of home invasions higher in UK or US?

Wheatfield wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

Twit. These figures are dubious to say the leat not to mention that you left out the majority of the statistics where the US came of much worse that the UK. Like

Drug offences

Murder by Youths

Murders with Firearms

and prisoners.

Nice try, but a bit stupid on your part Phud.

He also ignored the fact that your country counts crime somewhat differently from your country. Isn't it Britain that counts car accidents as violent crime?

No. Most reliable data is based on a like for like assessment, but there are no standard definitions for many crimes, including assault. Rape, murder, burglary and robbery are pretty standard though.

But robbery for instance includes all cases of non-harm and injury related robbery. Same for burglary. Impossible to compare such things accurately to get an overall view of violence as some stats are buried in others.

The quoted report is BS too. No sources identified and completely at odds with UN and WHO comparison data.

UK actually has more drug offences, but that's because many perps are repeat offenders and not locked up. Also, what do you call an offence? A successful conviction or just a police report on an incident? The UK report all violent incidents whether the victims prosecute the case or not, and this includes pub brawls.

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