Is the incidence of home invasions higher in UK or US?

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Re: Is the incidence of home invasions higher in UK or US?

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I heard a news person say that the UK has a much higher incidence of home invasions per capita than does the US. I've googled this and find much contradictory data. Can one of the Brits on this forum shed any light on this?

On St. Stevens day 3 years ago my Irish home was invaded in the middle of the afternoon by the Wren Boys, about 20 of them, they barged in and gathered all round the sitting room by the fire and played and sang several great old Christmas tunes. Very good entertainment and the group is made up of a wide range of kind souls from the area, from Father Willy to the local flower shop owner and grade school children. That's an invasion to enjoy and it is the nearest I have ever been to a threat over there or at my wet coast residence.

So a bunch of drunks in Ireland.


Perhaps YoYo you should travel and absorb some culture before it's too late if it's not already. I suspect it's too late for you but give it a go, it might work.

No thank you.

Been to Great Britain, which resulted in never wanting to go back.

Been to Germany, which resulted in the same.

Been to Waterton, Toronto and Montreal, which resulted in only going to Canada to hunt now.

Thinking of checking out Iceland for a couple weeks soon, but for now I'll stick to New Zealand, Spain, and the powerful, beautiful U. S. of A.

So... as I said... a bunch of drunks in Ireland (add Canada here).... Shocker.

By the law of averages it appears to be you that has the problem fitting in.

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The process of observation changes that which is observed, hence you cannot photograph reality.

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