Is the incidence of home invasions higher in UK or US?

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Re: Is the incidence of home invasions higher in UK or US?

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I heard a news person say that the UK has a much higher incidence of home invasions per capita than does the US. I've googled this and find much contradictory data. Can one of the Brits on this forum shed any light on this?

Since I cannot find a legal definition of "home invasion" I don't see how any reliable stats would be possible to derive since they rely on crime statistics.

However "burglary" in both countries is defined in a similar way as unauthorised entry to a property with the intent to commit a felony/crime, as are "homicide/murder" and "rape". So we could look at all three....

There were about 630K burglaries in the UK in 2012 (against 26M households) (ONS)

In the US, the FBI report lists 2.2M in 2009 (out of 114M households) (FBI).

Comparative rates: UK 1 per 41 households. USA 1 per 51 households. (USA dropped slightly overall since)

So you are around 20% more likely to be burgled in the UK, but hardly a massive difference.

However, how many burglaries are related to violent intent? "Assault" is very hard to compare as definitions vary (injury is not always a feature) but we do have stats for murders and rapes.

Murder UK total is 570 in 2012. (ONS)

Murder US total was 13,000 in 2009 (FBI)

Per 100K residents, that's 4 in the US vs. 0.9, so nearly 5X worse in the US. Again, the US rate dropped a few % but its still over 4.5X as high.

Similarly reported rape statistics per 100k for US and UK (2010) are 29 vs 28. Again no real difference (source UN).

So it does not seem very likely that "home invasions" where there is violent intent are higher in the UK. In fact I can't find any statistic from a reliable source (UK government, FBI etc) that would indicate anything of this nature.

So you are only slightly more likely to be burgled, but this does not seem to relate in any way to the chances that you will be murdered or raped, and I would guess the same is true of violent assault.

What your numbers do not take into account, is the fact that some states do not allow guns. If they did allow guns, the stats might be even more favorable to the USA.

What states do not allow you to keep a gun at home for home protection?

What you don't seem to grasp is that the UK has almost no guns yet the robbery rate (which includes assault) is pretty much the same within the margin of reporting error. Hence there is no evidence that mass gun ownership is helping in any way, especially considering other countries in Europe have far lower robbery and assault rates than the UK and they don't have guns either.

And all this scaremongering nonsense about a high rate of "home invasion" is BS.

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