Olympus MySets, do you use them?

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Re: MySets help page and some thoughts.

EnriccoPallazzo wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote: I think (though I'm not Andrew) it was Guy Parson's link uptopic that had me finally give MySets a go.

Yep, my page at http://homepages.ihug.com.au/~parsog/olyepl1/25-epl1-custom.html is a good start, needs more work and will expand and improve when I get my E-PL5.

Derek Hogan (DekHog in forums) supplied the stuff to get me started. Derek used the E-PL2 for this, the later cameras all seem the same.

Anyway, thanks so far for all the posts, helps clear my brain a bit.

Usually I like the camera to behave predictably when I turn it on so I was thinking of using the 4 E-PL5 MySets in the form of 4 separate PASM settings and assign them to the four PASM dial spots.

From then on just SCP dive or menu dive for the rare times I need something other than my sensible(?) PASM settings.

P will be set for emergency low light situations.

A set for everyday sunlight travel/street scene shots, most used by me.

S for some shutter speed most likely to capture the occasional action shots.

M set up for flash use, which is what I do now with flash on my E-PL1.

Regards..... Guy

This looks like a reasonable guideline. I just received my e-pl5 (first m3/4 coming from low level DSLR's) and have no idea what im doing so far. Do you have this setup yet? I'm interested in your specific settings. May be a good starting point for me.

I thought this was an older post...thx

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