D5100 - is this the last of them?

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Re: D5100 - is this the last of them?

janpenguin wrote:

I heard Nikon will stop making D5100 after release of D5200. That's why Nikon is selling D5100 for huge discount to get rid of stocks.

I'm looking for a used Nikon camera either D90 or D5100 at the moment.

If you don't need the focus motor in the D90 or the flash commander capability, I would get the D5100.  I am amazed at how good the images are and how responsive and easy the camera is to use...but I'm coming from a 6mp D50 that I've been using since 2006.  Here in Toronto new D90 bodies are still available but still very expensive ($500 plus or more), new D300s bodies too at full price (well over $1000).  $400 for the D5100 body or $725 for a D7000 body...both amazing prices for the best crop sensor on the market.

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