a77 vs a900

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Re: a77 vs a900

Nordstjernen wrote:

The A900 files will look a bit cleaner when pixel peeping, but the difference is hardly noticeable for real life work. At very high ISO the A900 foiles look a little cleaner, but you neeed to print pretty large to take advantage of this. For handheld photography the difference is neglible.

Here is a small side-by-side test with the A77 and A900:


I would not have bought the A850/A900 to gain so little in improved image quality. Just increase the A77 exposure 0.5 to 1 stop, and the A77 is the winner!

I agree with you, if you are not doing pixel peeping, simply buy a P&S. You will not see any difference with your A77 in real life work and you will save lots of money :


Just use UniWB in the A900 and the image quality will blow the A77 out of the water

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