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Re: link to WSJ article about it...

Jim Cockfield wrote:

So, I just don't see how Intel can compete on price, since the ARM based devices (Set Top boxes and devices that serve the same purpose, phones, tablets, etc.) are going to end up with dramatically more market share for use with Web TV type content.

I don't see the price of the set top chips/box as an issue. Heck, I can buy an expensive set top box for the price of one months well loaded cable service. If it works and gives me access to good content with Netflix-type value, I don't much care if the box costs $50 or $100. And, in any event, Intel know how to drive price/volume learning curves.

Besides, at the end of the day, they could give away set top boxes with a content contract. Something rather like the cell phone model. That wouldn't be my preference but I will not be surprised if things pan out that way.

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